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I would like to inform our social structures with the unlimited inherent value of a human being and nature, as a foundation for a co-creative energetic practice with universal law.

Do the structures that constitute society allow for culture to do what it does; cultivate? Is there space in the mechanical regulations created to enhance efficiency and production, for culture to evolve in accordance with natural laws? What are the parameters in a healthy, dynamic, sustaining structure as informed by natural law? What is valuable?

My practice is informed by the paradox of existence in constant flux. The duality of being and consciousness, the external and the internal as the driving force of the universe, must be embraced as such in order to approach the creative human being who has robbed herself of herself by trying to capture the paradox under the illusion of separation. We live in a system of opposition. But how can we embrace duality towards being together – where the couple is “[...] a whole where neither precondition can exist without the other [.]”5?



University of Iceland


Iceland University of the Arts


Iceland University of the Arts

BA in Philosophy

Freedom, trust and responsibility in the metaphysics of G.W. Leibniz

MA in Fine Art

Welcome home - an ode to humanity

BA in Design

Religious costumes

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