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research and translate this concept of trust through my practice with various installations / social sculptures focusing on unveiling perspectives that might go unnoticed. The sculptures evolve around offering unexpected perspectives on everyday circumstances and manmade institutions in an effort to wake man up to the abundance of perspectives there are with a wish that all the possibilities residing there inherently, must give rise and a glimpse into the abundance they derive from.

I name the sculptures Instances referring to the temporal settings being subject to the movement of the planets i.e. natural laws. The instances are not to be recorded but felt so people are invited to come and be: The temporal and the spatial setting i.e. the energies of the planets of the given moment and the unexpected perspective on familiar public space is an attempt to unveil the being to itself - the participant participating. I seek to approach the forces of the everyday through a quiet revelation. Showing that which is apparent but we do not notice. Unveiling the general to approach the unique.

By intervening in and disrupting everyday life, it may be possible to unveil the inherent wonder. When researching something residing so close to the immeasurable, the task is quite immense in a world set on measures. This paradox has carved a path for me traversing the mundane recurrences of everyday endeavours. There I have found myself residing in dwelling and listening to the diverse, endless perspectives and the beauty inherent in all.

A collaborative process has been essential in my work, which has guided me to various collaborations with people; artists and scholars from diverse fields.

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